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A reluctant reader found solace in parkour and then he began writing about it.


This semester I started blogging. At first I was not amused by it whatsoever. In fact, I strongly disliked it. I was doing it only for the sake of my grades, not because I truly enjoyed it. Then it all changed when I read the book Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne LaMotte. This book gave me the urge to write, which was baffling for me because I have never wanted to write before in my life. It was a new feeling but a good feeling, and I loved it.

Anne LaMotte describes writing in such a beautiful way. She makes it seem fun and enjoyable, unlike the educational system that I am used to. She describes it as a way for us to “feed the soul” and “decrease our sense of isolation” (237). She tells you as a writer to just throw down your…

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Author: carlabramowitz

English, Humanities, Foreign Language, & IT Coordinator, Extension Projects, 8th Grade Advisor, Study Support, Reflective-Practice Blogger, School Historian, School Librarian — All of these are labels. I am a teacher/learner at heart. My motto: Explore. Share. Now.

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